Conception and manufacture of aluminium spray booms
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Company History

Company History

Xavier Pommier established the Pommier company in 1946. He had a small workshop in the village of Viabon where he repaired automobile engines and farming equipment.

1964 : Guy Pommier, at the age of fifteen, joined the small family business and worked at his father’s side as an apprentice mechanic.
1973 : the SCEBP POMMIER company was created.
With the help of a nearby farmer, Guy Pommier created the pull-type hopper in sizes from 3000 to 8000 litres as well as the ‘Transvrac’ hopper from 5000 to 10 000 litres. 1300 were produced and sold until 2003.
During this time, he created. and developed with the precious help of farmers other products such as the ‘phyto bineuse’ and the ‘rouleau systeme’

pommier old products

1980 : Guy built a 1000 m² factory entirely dedicated to the manufacture of farming equipment.
1986 : The first aluminium boom left the factory. A 24 meter boom was mounted on a Bobar sprayer owned by Mr Paul Besnard.
1987 : The start of our colboration with the Blanchard company.
1988 : Pommier built the first 36 meter boom mounted on a Matrot sprayer.
1990 : Other makers of farming equipment chose to equip their sprayers with Pommier aluminium booms such as Delvano, Landquip Spracoupe and Hardi Evrard.
1995 :
A 48 meter boom was manufactured.
2004 : Artec equiped their sprayers with Pommier aluminium booms
2005 : R&D created a 50 meter boom.
2006 : the company manufactured its 12,000 th boom and became the world leader in aluminium booms.
2008 :
production was in full swing. 1700 booms were produced in one year.

Company Growth

1980 : The company moved to a new site.
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